Transform business events and accelerate transaction posting

With agility and accuracy in mind, our team has developed a purpose-built extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. The Accounting Rules Engine (a-RE) transforms business transactions/events or financial transactions into accounting transactions, enhancing, and accelerating the accounting cycle.

The Accounting Rules Engine (a-RE) is part of a-solutions’ integration framework a-Finteg. a-RE depends on a-Finteg for the source data in an a-Finteg Data Model.

The outcome of the a-RE are accounting transactions which are aggregated and posted in the General Ledger in Dynamics 365 Finance. The aggregation criteria are configurable by users in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance user interface.

The aggregated accounting transactions are subjected to General Ledger verification rules (accounting structure, financial dimension values, dates etc), and if all transactions pass this validation phase, the aggregated accounting transactions are posted in a journal in the General Ledger. Before posting the General Ledger journal based on configuration of the journal there is an out of the box functionality to submit the journal to a workflow approval process.

The link is facilitating the data reconciliation and integration control capabilities along with the intelligent Integration log of a-Finteg.

The Accounting Rules Engine is a premier built-in extension of a-Finteg that can transform business events happening in the source systems before they are imported to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Transform business events

Aggregate transactions

Low number of postings in GL

Enrich transactions with additional dimensions

Big data storage and disaster recovery

Advanced reporting and insights with Power BI

Transform business events

The out-of-the box functionality of a-RE is to transform business transactions/events or financial transactions into accounting transactions.

Aggregate transactions and lower the number of postings in GL

The goal of aggregation of accounting transactions is to lower the number of postings in the General Ledger and on the other hand, to provide a link for drill down capabilities and tracking between the posted transactions in the General Ledger, the accounting transactions which are the outcome of the a-RE, and the product and financial transactions that are the source data.

Enrich transactions with additional financial dimensions

As part of the process, accounting transactions can be enriched with additional financial dimensions. Users can choose and adjust the financial dimensions according to their needs.

Big data storage with disaster recovery capabilities

The a-RE data with the help of a-Finteg is stored on Azure Data Lake Gen2 for reconciliation, reporting and drill down purposes.

Advanced reporting and data-driven insights using Power BI

The a-RE is connected to Power BI. The Power BI platform provides data driven insights with advanced visuals and up-to-the minute analytics.


Full integration with D365 F&O

Hands-on experience with major CBS

Business and accounting transactions support

Real-time reporting and overview

Intuitive logging framework

Encrypted & secure communication

75% less time for implementation

Robustness & flexibility of the framework

a-RE is now available on Microsoft AppSource
  • Improve and structure complex compliant consolidations
  • Accelerate period closing across all entities
  • Set up new entities and leverage existing structure
  • Achieve visibility with cash management
  • Efficiently manage complex credit issues
  • Anticipate capital requirements with cash flow projection across entities
  • Secure and align master data using workflow management
  • Ensure segregation of duties with advanced tools to audit user access
  • Enhance compliance

Our a-RE experts adopt a customer-centric approach to discovery, delivery, user adoption and support.

Through many successful projects, we have learned and understood what it truly takes to make a Dynamics 365 implementation successful and have been able to put that knowledge into action to help our customers.

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