Professional Services

Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions is designed for service industries, combining project management, resource management, communication, and business solutions. It’s tailored to the clients and organizational needs to help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Professional Service firms are challenged with selling an intangible product that is difficult to quantify and is everchanging. Profitability requires that projects are estimated correctly and completed on time, while meeting or exceeding customer requirements. To succeed, companies must adopt strategic and comprehensive financial, project and resource management practices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 help professional service firms manage every aspect of their business, from customer relationships and projects to process outsourcing and financial management. These solutions can streamline operations while improving the quality of customer interactions, and help you make faster and smarter decisions.

The benefits are:

  • Keep the customer front and center
  • Track all customer-facing activities across multiple communication channels
  • Improve communications with the customer through document sharing and safe Web interactions
  • Increase customer responsiveness by improving business processes such as automated routing, notifications, approvals, and escalations.
  • Smoothly manage projects
  • Gain visibility into all project information and key performance indicators to enable quick and accurate decision-making with integrated project accounting and project management
  • Effectively allocate internal resources and increase billable hours
  • Boost productivity by automating business processes such as billing and invoicing


Our experts at a-solutions adopt a customer-centric approach to discovery, delivery, user adoption and support. Through many successful projects we have learned what it takes to make a Dynamics 365 implementation successful, and have put that knowledge into action to help our customers get the most from their investments.

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